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hello again

Really have no good excuses as to why I haven't posted since August. I won't bother giving any except to say that other things have preoccupied my mind and time. I'm actually only here now because I was just given a one-day reprieve until our holiday visitors start arriving, so I thought I'd squeeze in some long overdue blogging.

My latest knitting projects include a pair of mittens for a Facebook Pay It Forward project, a Shalom cardi-vest shown below still wet on the blocking mat, and Silver Streak, a cardi-wrap still in progress.

Last month, some knitting buddies and I went up to the Torrance Fiber Fest and I cheated on my yarn diet to acquire some gorgeous Malabrigo Silky Merino. Kelie has more photos of our road trip here.

And just a few days ago, our weekly knitting group held our annual White Elephant and I ended up with some lovely Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.

And then Wendy gave me this beautiful Araucania Ruca that she picked up during her NYC trip. It's made of 100% sugar cane - so cool and so perfect for my inner pastry chef - love it!

Well, I should really stop procrastinating and get back to getting the house ready for our houseguests. Happy Holidays everyone!


DIY paris style

Finally some posts for my fellow crafters! We visited (well, I visited and hubby kindly joined me and helped take pictures!) lots of stores and here are a few of my favorite spots to find craft supplies in Paris.

First is Mokuba - you may have seen this Japanese brand of ribbons here in the US, too. It was so nice to be in a store full of only beautiful ribbon - just heavenly.

La Droguerie (which means "hardware store") sells yarns, beads, and other craft notions. Hubby managed to get a few photos of the yarn section before being reprimanded for taking pictures inside the store. Not sure what was up with the no photography rule...perhaps they have problems with piracy?

my purchases

Entrée Des Fournisseurs is another charming store located in a nice courtyard. Check out their lovely website, too.

There are two department stores in Paris that are known for their craft sections. BHV and Bon Marché which houses a branch of La Droguerie. After being yelled at one too many times in various stores, hubby tried to be less conspicuous with the camera which resulted in some fuzzier shots, but you get the idea!

yarn and buttons at Bon Marché

fun plywood shapes at BHV ready to decorate

It took two trips to make it to Ultramod (3 & 4, Rue de Choiseul, 2nd arr.) but it was worth it - for some reason the store was closed the first time we went so we made a second trek out there. There are two parts to it on opposite sides of the street and both are packed with vintage goodies like fabric, trim, and millinery supplies.

The area at the foot of the Sacré Cœur is chock full of fabric and trim shops. It was overwhelming and I think requires the guide of a local to navigate and find what you need. If you only have time to visit one store there, don't miss Le Marché St Pierre, the ultimate fabric retail establishment with 6 floors!

the six-storied Le Marché St Pierre

trim stores in the neighborhood

a store for all your Solid Gold dancer needs! should we
be worried that the name of the store is American 2?

I managed to make it to only one true yarn store called Chatmaille. It was tiny (which is why my personal photographer didn't follow me inside!) but nicely organized with commercial European yarns like Katia, Gedifra, and Bouton D'Or. One thing that is very different from what we knitters here are used yarn-petting allowed! As a matter of fact, full-service was pretty much standard in most stores, craft and otherwise. If you think about it, it's actually nice because the merchandise remains in pristine condition before you purchase it, an especially nice thing when it comes to food items.

cute yarn skein door handle

located in the Montmartre neighborhood


stitches west

We attended a wedding in the Bay Area on Saturday but I flew in a day earlier to hang out with some knitting friends at the Stitches West Market. I'm so glad I did because it was phenomenal! I went off my yarn diet for a few hours and here's the damage...

yarn: Jojoland Melody Superwash
intended project: Swirl Shawl

yarn: Jojoland Melody
intended project: TBD

yarn: Lisa Souza Baby Alpaca Lace
intended project: Eve Stole

yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play
intended project: second attempt at Clapotis (read about the first here)

I did my research with the vendor map that Kelie kindly provided me a few weeks ago, so I already had a shopping list before I arrived. The only impulse buy was the Lisa Souza Baby Alpaca Lace. Not bad considering all the yarn I could have purchased, right?