*Thank Goodness For Public Libraries

Next month, hubby and I are going to be spending almost two weeks Paris. We are very excited for this vacation and it has been a long time coming because we had to cancel a trip there celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary a few years ago. To prepare for our upcoming visit, I've taken full advantage of our city and county library systems as you can see from the above photo. I also checked out a bunch of language CDs to brush up on my French. We've been to Paris before, both separately and together, but never for longer than a few days so we're really looking forward to an extended period of time exploring the city and making discoveries that are not on the standard tourist to-do lists. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

crafts interrupted

Paulo Nutini and band

with a gorgeous view of the ocean in the background

I'm still recovering from doing our taxes and a friend and her son visiting us last week. Hubby and I went to a free Paulo Nutini concert yesterday sponsored by a local radio station and today he (hubby, not Paulo) is recovering from a stomach bug. We're having a mild heatwave here which is also making it hard to feel motivated to do anything except the essential tasks. Knitting and crafting will have to wait...


bread art project

If you have some spare time, check out this website and create a piece of "bread art." For every piece of toast submitted, Grain Foods Foundation will donate one dollar to the hunger-relief charity, Feeding America. You can upload images onto the bread as well as use some cool digital tools to really get creative with your toast. My two pieces aren't very interesting but I'm a little short on time getting our income taxes filed and preparing for some houseguests!