various states of incompletion

After my last post and promises to start blogging anew, I came down with a terrible cold which, along with the heat and humidity, put me out of commission again. But I'm back now with photos to share! I finished my Swirl Shawl and started blocking it. The one set of mats I bought from Knitpicks isn't enough to accommodate the whole piece so I'm having to do it in stages.

Swirl Shawl in mid-block

In preparation for Stitch and Pitch last month, I started a cotton camisole so I would have a small item to work on instead of the above unwieldy shawl. Kelie has some photos of our group at the game in her post here.

Victoria Tank from Interweave Knits Summer 2004

In a fit of A.D.D. and to give my wrists a break from knitting cotton, I also started a small shawl/scarf (sharf? scawl?) yesterday. I highly recommend Malabrigo Sock yarn - it's so soft and squishy and a joy to knit. The pattern is Springtime Bandit but I'm changing it so it's mostly stockinette, inspired by two other modified projects I saw on Ravelry, also here and here.

my bandito sharf in progress