It's been a bummer of a couple weeks, culminating in my grandfather's passing. I have been in too much of a funk to post anything for awhile but finally am starting to snap out of it. More photos of Paris and my creative endeavors to come - for now, here are some bits and pieces that have helped reinvigorate my spirits lately...

ingenious cardboard spinning wheel

free printable affirmations
by kind over matter (isn't that the BEST name?); check out their other great freebies, too (esp. love the garden and quotation cards)

free pattern by spud & chloe for a knitted cupcake pincushion

antique keys made of quilling paper

a great reason to add to your yarn stash

amazing embroidery sampler by amy of inspire company - look closely for the fabulous marie antoinette!

french musician named claire denamur - I heard one of her songs on a commercial recently and then came across this music video (she's not on US iTunes yet but I put in a request to add her):


Suzanne Reynolds said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather, Edina. Good to see you blogging again.

One of our PAC friends, Cynthia, has been in Paris for a month or so and has been posting here www.hiddenneststudio.blogspot.com

Take care! xo

taylor said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Loved the sampler. Looking forward to seeing your work on your blog when you are ready.