les macarons

Let me start by warning you that I will be blogging many, many posts about the food we enjoyed in Paris! I'm beginning with one of my all-time favorites, the macaron. No, not those Mounds-candy-bar-type coconut macaROONS but macaRONS which are buttercream (sometimes other fillings) sandwiched between two delicate cookies made of ground nuts (usually almonds), sugar, and egg whites. Pâtisseries have really gotten creative with their flavor offerings of these confections and some even make savory versions. If you don't want to make your own, here is a resource to help you find macarons around the world (or try Googling your city).

Japanese pâtissier, Sadaharu Aoki

unusual flavors included sesame, wasabi, and different green teas

other beautiful pastries

we sampled genmaicha (green tea w/roasted brown rice) and yuzu (a citrus fruit)

decisions, decisions...

pink grapefruit and salted butter caramel

Ladurée patisserie and tea salon

they always have beautiful window displays

hubby snuck an interior shot before they told us no photos allowed!

Gérard Mulot has it all


...and savory (also makes great breads!)

macaron tower

we tried (clockwise from top left) ginger pineapple, nougat, mint, walnut coconut

another macaron tower spotted at Dalloyau

Angelina is famous for hot chocolate, but these uniquely-shaped "macalons" caught my eye


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Good to see you back, Edina. They say you eat with your eyes first. We'll just imagine how wonderful those pastries tasted! Love hearing about your epicurean adventures in Paris.

Paula McNamee said...

Hi Edina, Glad you had such a great time in Paris. I'm looking forward to all of your blog post and photo experiences. Suzanne and I wondered when you'd be home. Thanks for sharing, Paula