bienvenue mes amis

Welcome to the beginning of many posts about our trip to Paris. We took what seemed like a million photos so I'll just try to hit the highlights and not bore you to pieces. I'm still getting over jet lag so I'll be easing in with only a few today.

Hubby and I took it very easy the first day in Paris after a long journey and tried to get some rest before heading out to a book launch at WHSmith for David Lebovitz's wonderful new book, The Sweet Life in Paris. It was just happenstance that the event was the evening we arrived and I wanted to take advantage of such a unique opportunity. I read the book on the plane ride over and highly recommend it. David gives you a taste of what it's like to live in Paris and shares some great recipes, too.

doorway into the apartment building in which we stayed

david lebovitz reading from his book and sharing other funny stories

the back of my head as david signs my book


seashells said...

Welcome Back!

pdxknitterati said...

I love Paris. Looking forward to your travelogue!